Saturday, May 8, 2010

Crepe from Shaker Square Farmers Market

This morning I visited the Shaker Square Famers Market in Cleveland with the M's Swift. It was rather windy but everyone seemed to take it in stride.

M's usually stop and get a crepe. I thought I should too :). I got Nutella and banana on mine. M's got Nutella, banana & strawberries.

I picked up an organic summer sausage to snack on next week They had lots of plants and I bought some lily-of-the-valley to plant in our back yard. I remember that we had a lot of lily in the old homestead when I was growing up. I hope it is as invasive as people say. I want this stuff to really spread.

(knitting content alert) Hmmm, I could knit a lily-of-the-valley shawl that I have in the Lace Style Book. I've been thinking about knitting that pattern.

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Cat said...

Lillys of the valley are my favorite! We have them, and yes, they really do naturalize and spread, but it takes a while.