Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flamingo Garden long view

Flamingo Garden long view
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I worked on clearing out the day lilies from this flower bed yesterday. I opted to plant some of the annuals I bought last week. I'm looking forward to seeing this grow during the summer.

We planted some sunflower seeds close to the fence. We also planted pansies, Diathus, salvia & another ground cover plant that I can't remember what it is called.

I moved some hostas under the magnolia tree and planted the Lily of the Valley near them. I hope the LOTV grows quickly this year.

knitSB finally put up the flamingos I got him for his birthday 2 years ago!

I finished a cotton baby hat yesterday. It is a simple 2X2 rib hat that will keep a newborn's head warm. I've started a big sister hat to go along with the hat. I think it will be a nice pair. I just need to find out how large big sister's head is.

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