Sunday, May 30, 2010

Plumbing can be fun

Especially when it is planned. This adventure wasn't planned. Thanks to PhotoSteve for his help. It worked out fine after three trips to the hardware store.  The last trip was to see if I could find a different size connection so I didn't have too many connections as part of the plumbing. I do know that the more the connections, the more likely a weak point in the line.

The scarf I finished was made using Kidsilk Haze, size 13 16" needles. Cast-on 50 sts and go until enough yarn to bind-off is left.  Photos later.

Sorry about the reverb in the sound.  I'm not sure what happened. This is a short vlog update.


Joanne said...

Jack and I have always said that no plumbing job is complete without three trips to the hardware store!

Anonymous said...

How cute are you, even when plumbing.

I guess you didn't think to knit a new thing from Habu stainless steel yarn. Maybe next time.