Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Summer 2010 Interweave Knits Review

This is a rant.
I didn't like the IK Summer 2010. You can find the preview here.
I've been frustrated for several years about the lack of man's patterns that are available in knitting magazines.  I've been noticing the increase of online magazines over the last several years and how print magazines are quickly making patterns available for individual purchases just about a year after they showed up in the magazine.  I find this a bit annoying.  Over the last year I've like only a few patterns from IK.

Notice the Singalong Sweater. Which boy wants 3/4" sleeves? Really?! The sweater looks like it doesn't fit.  Poor kid.

Kudos to Kenny for having another pattern available in IK.  He blogs here.

I'm glad to be finished.  I'll be taking my business to the designers that can be found on Ravelry, knitty and TwistCollective

Bye IK. I don't see myself in your magazine.
I need your help. What online resources do you use?

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