Saturday, September 25, 2010

Historic Trades Weave Room Yarn

While at Colonial Williamsburg, I bought some yarn!

The tag on the yarn says "Wool Yarn Dyed by hand in the Eighteenth Century Manner using Cochineal and Madder by the staff of the Historic Trades Weave Room." The wool is from  Hog Island and Leicester Longwool sheep raised in Colonial Williamsburg manner
These are the options I had from which to choose.
 Natural Dyed Yarn Options
I snapped this photo of the lambs while on a quick walk knitSB and I took.
Hog Island sheep and Leicester Longwools  These are baby sweater on the hoof. :)

I was told each skein is approximately 170 yards.  That means I have approximately 1,190 yards. I think a few of the skeins are a bit (a lot) less than 170 yards. I will proceed carefully.

Colonial Williamsburg Yarn
What will I do with the yarn? I don't know yet.


Sue said...

Those colors look beautiful together. However, if you find you don't like one you can always send it my way! lol

Cat said...

Oooh - I have yarn lust - those are great colors. Can't wait to see what fabulous thing you create with them!