Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rustic Socks progress

Rustic Socks progress
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I decided to use a mistake ribbing type pattern for my Rustic Socks which are made using Rustic Wool. I like the way it is turning out.

I'm worried that I might not have enough yarn. I have just under 300 yards and I'm a bit panicky about using a stitch pattern that will eat up yarn. I ran out of yarn in the Vanilla Jazz it will happen again! ack! So I sent DH to the LYS on Thursday to pick up another skein. The yarn was on sale and they had two skeins. I asked him to get both. I like the color and how it knits up.

300 yards probably would have been plenty. 500 yards should mean I could do knee highs I'd I want to. I don't. I like the legs of my socks to hit about mid-calf. After all, I am knitting then toe-up using magic loop. They should be perfect, right?


Sue said...

Yep, they will be perfect! Think positive. :)

Sally said...

I think the socks will be a real treasure and that rib is great.