Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wildflowers Shawl Completed!

Back in August I blogged about a shawl I knit for a silent auction.
I'm happy to say I completed the shawl in time for delivery.
Wildflower Shawl
Wildflower Shawl Completed
I made up the pattern. I used a size 15 mm circular needle
CO 3,
K1, KFB, K1
*SL 1 wyif, K1, KFB, K the remaining sts.
Repeat from *
After it got to be about the correct size, I picked up the slipped sts on the edge and made a simple YO, K2tog border.
Don't try to follow the pattern. I was making it up as I went along.

BTW: I hated knitting with this yarn. This yarn was made up of three separate yarns, each having its own stretch so knitting stretched out each ply. One yarn was mohair, one cotton and one rayon (chenille, no less). The rayon was the worst offender for stretching.  It was so bad that I put the hank on the swift and knit right from it. I had to cut the yarn twice and tied knots just so get rid of the extra yarn. Bleck. yarn hate. It's really disappointing for me to not like knitting with a special yarn. I bought the yarn on my first trip to San Francisco. I was a newish knitter.

and a little silliness ensued while we snapped a few photos.
Wildflower Silliness

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Sally said...

I love that shawl, it's really given me ideas.