Monday, September 6, 2010

Jazz Vanillia Socks Update

Knitter's Handy Book of Knitting Patterns by (St.) Ann Budd. I wonder what Ann would think about my referring to her as a "saint." I mean it in good humor. If you see her, please let her know.

I'm using Twisted Sisters "Jazz" on size 3.0 mm dpns.
Next time I need to decrease a needle size for the cuff. It says I should do that in the directions. I just didn't read that correctly.
On this pair of socks, I've dropped to size 2.25 mm for the heel flap, heel turn and toes to help give them some strength. That is a drop of 3 needle sizes.
Argh. I ran out of yarn for my socks.  These skeins have (about) 163 yards per skein. I could have made the leg length shorter, but I like the length, so I'll have to keep some extra yarn.

(You'll notice the hacking sound in the background.  That's Hugo chewing on some grass.)

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