Thursday, September 23, 2010

She Can Walk!

Sometimes, silly things happen on vacation. (Most of the time if you vacation with me).
EveryoneDeservesAQuiltJoanne is afraid of heights. This means she doesn't like standing on things that show the ground beneath them.  While at the Jamestown Fort, we found an area of the floor that was clear.  Of course, I walk on it and start jumping up and younger brothers often do.
See the fear in her eyes? To overcome her fear, she decides to walk on a section of the clear floor that is over the original foundation of the Jamestown Fort. I had to record it for the blog.

I would recommend a visit to Jamestowne if you visit the Williamsburg area. Historic Jamestowne Site was more enjoyable than the recreation. The Ranger giving us the tour was quite good. She engaged the audience and told the story well.  I stumped the Ranger by asking what was the name of the first child conceived and born in the colony of Jamestown. She didn't know but promised to get back to me. We were able to add a stamp to our National Parks Passport. :)
I enjoyed walking the site, knitting on knitSB's Orange Jazz Socks.  Even some of the locals took notice and wanted to hold my knitting. I snapped a picture.


Sue said...

I have so many friends who are afraid of heights and I never knew they were until they came to my condo that is on the 20th floor.

I love the picture of the statue holding your knitting! Maybe you will start a trend. All of your fellow readers should take pictures around their cities showing various statues holding their knitting. hehe

knitsb said...

Can anyone guess who that statue is of holding the orange socks? A very famous "native". :)

Cat said...

I'm guessing it's Pocahontas, given the location. I never realized she was into knitting, but perhaps she picked up the skill in England.