Friday, September 3, 2010

whatcha knitting?

whatcha knitting?
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It's been hot here the last week and I've been knitting small projects, mostly socks. The progress has been great on two pairs of this socks and I cast-on for another pair. As I knit tonight, Hugo is rather interested in what I'm knitting.

Hugo's a bit excited with the temperature breaking so he wants to play. The look I'm getting is that "is why you're doing interesting enough for me to pay attention to or can I go back to playing with Maddy?" look.

He's a good puppeh and enjoys playing with Maddy, his roommate. (Question: What do you call two dogs living in the same house by different parents? Brother/sister?)

I've got another vlog for tomorrow that is about answering questions from comments last month.

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Sue said...

Well, I'll probably show you what I'm knitting when I do my "show you my knitting bag" video. hehe I'm going to try to get a video today or tomorrow. *crossing fingers*