Friday, September 17, 2010

Knittingbrow Learns to Use A Drop Spindle

I took a drop spindle class this evening. I am using a bottom whirl and an unknown type of roving.

I am inconsistent with the twist and my hands don't quite get understand what to do yet. I'm thinking I need to do a bit of spinning each night to get better.

I'll give you details later on how I came to take this spinning class.

Do you spin with a drip spindle? What is your favorite resource that you used to learn to drop spindle?


Sue said...

I want to learn to use a drop spindle someday. I was thinking of a top whirl. For some reason it looks like it would be easier. Did you get to try both kind?

knittingbrow said...

The starter kit only had a bottom whirl. I have a top whirl but haven't successfully spun with it. Honestly, I can't say that I've successfully spun with the bottom whirl, but I'm enjoying myself.

Sue said...

Well, once you get going you'll have to let us know if you like top or bottom whirl more.

Ted said...

I do most of my spinning using a spindle, and since I started with a high-whorl tool, they're still what I use. As far as resources for learning to use one, hunt down writings by Abby Franquemont on Ravelry, on her blog, or her book and video. She has very good information for becoming more efficient with the tool. Even better is spending time with other spindle spinners, and watching how they coordinate their hands, and how they think about the process of spinning. As far as really learning, the best way is to spin for at least 15 minutes each's really something your body has to learn to do once you get the basic concepts down intellectually, a lot like riding a bike. Eventually, it all just "clicks" and you'll think "Oh...this is how it works."