Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Arch-enemy Sock Pattern Beta

Yarmando gave me the privilege to test knit the Beta version of his Arch-enemy sock pattern It is a toe-up pattern with interesting arch shaping and ribbing to snug the fit. The pattern has some improvements to be done to it but the result is a nice sock. so nice in fact that want to knit another pair.

He gave me permission to blog about the test-knit. I hope he is willing to go back and revise the pattern. The world needs interesting sock patterns.

I'm planning a video post after I wash them to give the full review.


yarmando said...

Looks nice. Does it bunch up at the front of the ankle? That's been happening to a lot of socks I've made lately, and I think the arch-shaping is to blame.

knittingbrow said...

It does bunch a bit. I want to see how the sock responds to washing.