Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sleepy H Socks

I'm working on another show. I'm Props Master (and floor manager) during the run of the show. The props have turned out nicely (with an emphasis on keeping it simple).
Here's the tavern sign I created:

Sleepy Hollow opens tonight and I have a little time between scene changes to knit. I'm working on toe-up socks using yarn I bought from Susan Yarns in Cleveland. It is a three-ply wool yarn that has a lot of colors.

Yes, I took this picture during tonight's performance with light from my head lamp. I like the way it looks. It am having trouble finding the best gauge. I started with size 1's and that was very tight but I thought it would be okay for the toe. I switched to size 2's and like it better but the toe is too big.

I can get my thumb inside the toe. Too big. *sigh*
I stopped knitting on the socks tonight and will frog them tonight.

I might switch my knitting. I need a black or dark watch cap to keep my head warm while backstage. It gets chilly. It would be cool if I could design something to work with my headlamp. Hmmmmm.

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