Sunday, October 2, 2011

August at Otterbein

Songferret and I attended August: Osage County Saturday evening at Otterbein College. Info here.

I thought it a compelling performance with some very talented actors making me experience a wide range of emotions. If you've never seen August, I encourage you to take advantage of a great version of the show.
Dispatch review.
Grossberg commentary.
My San Francisco review.

The show is three acts so be ready for a 3 hour experience. I was engaged throughout the performance as the playwrite does an exceptional job unfolding details of this family in a way that pulls me in to learn more and more. I remember thinking "what could happen next?" There is a next (and a next and a next.)

I was frustrated a few times because actors were speaking over the (nervous) laughter and I was frustrated by not hearing all of the lines. I did have problems hearing lines but this is an issue I have with my hearing in theaters & during performances that are not mic'd.
The set was well-done and fit the stage nicely, taking advantage of levels to convey the 3-story home. I snapped this picture for you.

There is still time to go see this show! It isn't a "happy" show but offers a great theatrical experience.

I sat next to a lady who was interested in my knitting. I was casting-on for my Nutkin socks using the cobblestone yarn. You can see the yarn at the bottom of this picture. :)

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