Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What is seven letters...

I've been playing Words with Friends on my smartphone recently and enjoy putting letters together to make up words I didn't even know I knew. It is extra exciting if I can use all seven tiles. I just started a game and got seven letters to place on the board making a word. I like to use all the tiles and get the reward of feeling smart.

When I saw the letters O F R S E E A, I thought I recognized a word related to knitting. sure enough, and it was seven letters. With (too much) glee, I played the word.

Apparently, faroese is not an appropriate word for a game involving putting tiles on a board and earning the most points. To prove it, the game tells me so.

You hear the tone of voice in this pop-up message, don't you?

Sigh. It's a proper noun describing someone from the Faerose Islands.

Are you playing Words with Friends? I'm knittingbrow. Who are you?


cindy said...

Can you stand it! WWF needs to get with the knitting world. I'm cmd59 on Words with Friends if you'd like to play another game.

Cat said...

I have trouble with words, too. Sometimes it rejects perfectly reasonable words like TWOSTIQ and JAPOZITA. Aren't they lovely?

Anonymous said...

I love words with friends and love your blog! I'm a novice knitter, working on a shawl for my mom. Anyway, dkedge on WWF if you ever wanna play!